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December 16, 2018 – Mike Ashcraft

Hope fuels, peace protects, but joy demonstrates. When we exhibit joy regardless of the circumstances facing us, it shows the trust we've placed in His ways. Joy isn't an emotional acknowledgment to things going well or working out. Joy is a response to faith. In His presence, there is a fullness of joy that our circumstances cannot touch. His presence is a guarantee of His promise. Through the ups and downs, we can choose joy in light of a promise.


Journal Verses for December 17th - 21st

  • Monday, December 17th –  Psalm 16:7-11

  • Tuesday, December 18th –  James 1:2-4

  • Wednesday, December 19th – Psalm 4:7-8

  • Thursday, December 20th – Matthew 13:44

  • Friday, December 21st – John 15:7-11