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JuLY 21, 2019 – Mike Ashcraft

We all have a picture for our future. Sometimes we get to witness these pictures come to fruition; other times we do not. But, we need to stop and ask ourselves: what if our best is less? The reality is that the grandest picture you can paint pales in comparison to the story God wants to tell through your life. God has more in store for you than you can ever hope or imagine. He's bigger than any circumstance you face. He doesn't work by your rules. His ways are higher than your limited perspective. You're not another face in the crowd to Jesus. He notices you. If there is breath in your lungs, there is a purpose for your life. All He asks is that you open your hands, trust God with your plans, and follow Jesus. Following begins with a step. What's yours?


Journal Verses for July 22nd - 26th

  • Monday, July 22nd - Luke 19:1-10

  • Tuesday, July 23rd - John 4:4-14

  • Wednesday, July 24th - Luke 8:42-48

  • Thursday, July 25th - Luke 18:18-27

  • Friday, July 26th - John 3:1-21