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August 11, 2019 – Stuart Hall

Shallow people tend to move too fast, avoid personal interruptions, and never learn how to see the people around them. We don’t have to work at being shallow. We have to work at being personal. Something changes in a relationship when we take the time to understand someone’s everyday context. Discovering someone’s interests shows he or she is worth liking. It communicates value, and this is important because there are people all around us convinced that Jesus doesn’t want anything to do with them. Stop and look around: there is someone who needs you to see them. Someone needs you to believe in their potential to live a remarkable story. Everyone needs someone who sees them the way Jesus does.


Journal Verses August 12th - 16th

  • Monday, August 12th - John 18:1-11

  • Tuesday, August 13th - Luke 23:39-43

  • Wednesday, August 14th - John 20:11-18

  • Thursday, August 15th - John 20:24-30

  • Friday, August 16th - John 21