Our mission at Port City Community Church is to Reach People and Help Them Walk With God. 

That sounds great, but what does that actually mean? This means that PC3 is all about meeting you right where you are and helping you take your best next step towards God. This is about discipleship: training ourselves and others to be trained by Christ.

You aren't exactly like everyone else and neither is your faith journey.

Each person's journey is unique and deeply personal. As a church, we want to cultivate a culture where people are able to know where they are in their faith journey and the direction they need to head to draw closer to Christ. We have five gauges that can help you determine where you need to grow and develop. Our faith journey is about discovering more and more about Christ so that we can become more like him, so we are always learning and growing in each of these areas:

  1. PURSUIT Seeking God and responding to Him with wonder and awe.
  2. DISCIPLINE - Starting (and restarting) to take hold of everything God offers us, through study prayer, journaling, and other spiritual disciplines.
  3. FORMATION - In connection with others, exploring and adapting to our new identity in Christ and citizenship in His Kingdom.
  4. IMITATION - Venturing into the brokenness around us as bearers of Christ's risky, costly, self-denying love.
  5. MISSION - Strategically investing in the development of others and whole cultures.

Whether you are taking your first steps toward God or you are further along, PC3 offers places for you to grow and to help others grow. Places like study groups, home groups, care ministry, addictions ministry, volunteering, and missions. And along the way, we want to help you prepare for special moments like your baptism or marriage.

What is your next step?

Visit What's Next on Sundays to speak with one of our volunteers, to discover available opportunities, and to ask any questions that you might have. You can also contact us directly:

Fill out my online form.