Awe And Wonder


 “Then children were brought to Him that He might lay His hands on them and pray. The disciples rebuked the people, but Jesus said, “Let the little children come to Me and do not hinder them, for to such belongs the kingdom of heaven.” And He laid his hands on them and went away.” Matthew 19:13-15


There are several realities of being a child we tend to miss as we enter into the daunting world of adulting. There is the glorious requirement to nap in the middle of our day. There is the ability to run off of energy all day. There is the ability to get free meals from certain places. The list can go on and on with the perks we no longer have all because of the inevitable aging process we go through. 

In my life though, there is one about my childhood I try to hold onto, and it is the ability to wonder. I am not talking about wondering about life exactly, because the more of an adult you become the more you wonder what in the world is going on! The wonder I am trying to hold onto is the ability to be in awe.

The ability to be in awe is a rare trait in today’s culture. There are plenty of reasons we are in this predicament. We have the ability to get answers whenever we want. We run at such a fast pace of living we do not have time to just sit and let our imagination wonder. We’re bogged down by the responsibilities of life which prevent our hearts to be in awe of what is around us. 

I know when I feel as though I have not been able to wonder recently, I immediately make it a point to go to a sunrise or a sunset at the beach. As I sit on the beach, hear the waves crashing upon the sand, and see the combination of pink, orange, red and eventually blue break over the horizon; I can feel the wonder welling up once again.

It is a wonder and an awe of how incredible God is. The reality God has control over all aspects of life, and yet, can still find time to create art everywhere we go. It can be in the sky, in the trees, and even in the people, we come across every single day. If we were to truly take the time to think about it, the opportunity to be in awe is constant. Everyday life has God’s design and blueprint, unfortunately we have simply gotten so busy we do not tend to recognize it. 

When Jesus has this interaction with children in Matthew 19, He is trying to teach the people around them to regain the ability to wonder. Children are fascinated by everything. When children are in awe of something, we can clearly see their excitement, the sparkle in their eye, and their quest to figure out everything they can about it.

I want to have the same approach with Jesus. I want to be in absolute wonder of who Jesus is. Even as I continue to learn more about Him, I want my wonder and awe of Him to constantly grow. I want excitement to swell inside my heart when I think and talk about Jesus. I want people to see a sparkle in my eye when I get to share about Jesus because I want them to see how incredible Jesus is.

The challenge in this is simple in theory, may we never lose our wonder. Most importantly, we should never lose our wonder of Jesus. If you ever feel as though the thought of Jesus does not stir your heart, do not let your heart continue to go down that path. Find a way to rekindle your awe of Him. But do not let your wonder go out on this world either. There is a reason to be in awe all around us every single day. The wonders of the world are avenues to remind us of the wonder of Jesus. May we not allow adulting and being too busy keep us from having childlike wonder.


  • Would you say your life is defined by busyness and adulting so much you have become “numb” to the wonders in life? 

  • What would it take to recreate the awe and wonder in Jesus you need? How would your life be different when you can get back to being in awe of who Jesus is?


Father, I thank you for who You are. When I consider You and all You are, awe and wonder are appropriate responses. I pray for a childlike wonder towards You. As I continue to learn who You are, may my heart be stirred towards You and may I continue to fall in love with You more and more. I love You Father, and pray these things in Your holy name, Amen.

PC3 writer Davy Nance wrote today’s devotional.

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