Spiritual Dehydration


“O God, You are my God; earnestly I seek you; my soul thirsts for You; my flesh faints for You, as in a dry and weary land where there is no water. So I have looked upon You in the sanctuary, beholding Your power and glory. Because Your steadfast love is better than life, my lips will praise You. So I will bless You as long as I live; in Your name I will lift up my hands. My soul will be satisfied as with fat and rich food, and my mouth will praise You with joyful lips.” Psalm 65:1-5


The physical bodies we have are quite an interesting study subject. The human body can do miraculous acts such as healing itself from a devastating injury, yet it can also do the silliest things such as have a bone which makes us laugh when we hit it because it hurts so much.


One truth about the body is that it needs water to survive and thrive. This truth can be backed by some facts about the body and water such as: 1) water makes up about 60% of our body and 2) the daily recommended amount is 8 cups of water, totaling about 64 ounces.

These facts remind us of the necessity of drinking water. A well-functioning life does not exist without drinking it. What blows my mind about the average person’s water consumption is that it almost does not exist.

For instance, take my wife Denise. She is the BEST. As her husband, I desire for her to live until she is 100 years old! I want us to be going on dates to Chick-Fil-A even if both us are on some motor scooters. Unfortunately, I have to remind Denise often that only those who live off of water and not Chick-Fil-A sweet tea will make it to 100 years old. For whatever reason, my incredible wife does not give water the appropriate amount of attention it deserves. Thankfully, she has gotten better in recent weeks, so 100 years old is still the goal.

Denise is not alone in choosing other beverages over water, despite how much we are told about the importance of drinking it. We hear about the benefits of water and they appeal to us. Yet, in my life, when I know I am thirsty I never go for a water, rather when I am thirsty, a legitimate sign my body needs water… I choose an iced coffee every time.

How strange is this?

I know several people who walk around tired and fighting headaches, confused on why they feel that way. As you proceed to enlighten them on water they tell you about the four Cokes they have consumed so far, and how there is water in Coke so that counts, right? We all know that is not how drinking water works.

We have all experienced true thirst before, and we even know the feeling of finally having it quenched. We also know what it feels like to try to quench thirst with a soda or coffee. When we try to do this we quickly see it just makes our thirst even worse.

I feel as though this is what David was experiencing as he began to write Psalm 63. He made the statement, “… my soul thirsts for you…” (v. 1). David continued to dive into the absolute need he had for God. He described his thirst as a dry and weary land and there was no water to relieve it. David’s point was this: his need for God was a necessity. David was trying to pour his heart out as a way to say, just as he needed water to survive, so he also needed God to reign in his soul.

David had come to taste and see how great God is and declared, “Your steadfast love is better than life…” (v.4). There was nothing in David’s life that could quench the thirst his soul had. David made mistakes in his life and tried different “waters” to satisfy his thirst; over and over the “waters” of the world only made him thirstier.

Like David, we can find ourselves trying to quench our thirst with the “waters” of the world. We know these are waters of the world because we keep going back for more and end up only getting thirstier. We come to the place of being satisfied when we experience God’s steadfast love, and we behold God. We do not have to worry about spiritual dehydration with Jesus as our source.


  • Do you find yourself drinking “waters” that only leave you thirsty? What are those sources?

  • If you feel as though you have never felt true satisfaction from this life, what is keeping you from giving Jesus a try?


Father, thank you for quenching my thirst for the things of this world. When I come to see You, and know You, I see how the desires of this world will not satisfy. Help me to push away those waters that cannot satisfy, and help me continue to come to You for satisfaction. I love You Father, and pray in Your holy name, Amen.

PC3 writer Davy Nance wrote today’s devotional.

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