No Small Thing


“Then King David went in and sat before the Lord and said, “Who am I, O Lord God, and what is my house, that You have brought me thus far? And yet this was a small thing in Your eyes, O Lord God. You have spoken also of your servant's house for a great while to come, and this is instruction for mankind, O Lord God! And what more can David say to you? For you know your servant, O Lord God!” 2 Samuel 7:19-20


Along with sharing the same first name, King David and I have a ton in common. I’ve caught myself, on more than one occasion, thinking the same words David spoke in this prayer, “Who am I… that You have brought me thus far?” When I reflect on my life, it is mind-blowing to see where God has brought me.

There have been plenty of tough seasons, challenges, struggles, and trials. But as I reflect on my life, I see God redeeming and working all of those moments into a greater purpose. With God I truly believe I am thriving. God has consistently provided for my needs, even when I did not think they could be met. 

Another line from David’s prayer that I can relate to is: “And yet this was a small thing in Your eyes…” God is all-powerful and there is nothing He cannot do. We can look at the grandness of creation and see His power on display.

My wife and I recently went on vacation to Iceland. It was incredible to take in the views. Unfortunately, I’m often so wrapped up in my own little world, I fail to appreciate the beauty of creation around me. But when I was taken out of my routine and got my phone out of my face, I rediscovered what God has displayed for all of us, in nature and in people. Iceland captivated my eyes and it reminded me of God’s power to create each and every detail. There is no challenge for Him, everything comes easy for an all-powerful God.

On the other hand, God does not view what He does as small in value. We often struggle with believing what we do has great value. We tend to take for granted the influence a simple “hello” can do for someone’s day, or how telling another person how much you care for them could provide them a sense of belonging they have not felt in a long time. God does not look at His creation or His actions as a “small thing.”

I believe God puts the most intentionality, care, and love into all He does for us. This is how the prophet Zephaniah describes how God responds over us, “The Lord your God is in your midst, a mighty one who will save; He will rejoice over you with gladness; He will quiet you by His love; He will exult over you with loud singing” (Zephaniah 3:17). 

The ultimate act came when God sent His only Son to die for our sins, and brought Jesus back to life in order to close the separation sin brought. God loves to display His power in our lives as a reminder of His care for us. When you struggle with feeling cared for, know it is no small thing for God to love you and tend to your needs. God loves you, calls you His child, and takes care of you. You may think God doing something for you is a small deal because of His power, but God takes them seriously because you are a big deal to God.


  • Have you ever considered how big of a deal you are to God? How would believing this truth influence your perspective on yourself as well as the role you play in this world?

  • What could the world look like if we all lived as though we are a big deal to God? What would change in your day-to-day life if you did?


Father, thank you for loving me so much and viewing me as such a big deal. As I reflect on my life there is evidence You care for me, and I pray I can live in a way others will feel the same way. Help me see the value in others that You place and to care for them as Your child. I pray all of these requests in Your holy name, Amen.

PC3 writer Davy Nance wrote today’s devotional.

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