Grow Zone Room Volunteers

You work directly in the classroom with the children. For the youngest children (babies and toddlers), you will help provide a calm fun, environment where they are well cared for. For our older children (2-5 year olds), you will help them learn more about God through play, stories, crafts, and activities.

What are some of the perks? All you can eat Cheerios, unlimited hugs and high fives, and a chance to give preschoolers their first glimpse of Jesus.

treasure island group leaders

You work directly with our elementary children in small groups to help the children learn about God through games, activities and discussions. We ask that small group leaders serve each week to build consistency and relationships.

When you serve in Treasure Island you get to know and have fun with the next generation, LOTS of laughs and fun, and you get to help kids see who God is and how He loves them.


student ministries group leaders

Student Ministries exists to reach Middle School (Tsunami) & High School (Ripple Effect) Students, and to help them walk with God by creating safe and engaging environments to explore their faith while connecting with caring adults. Our Small Group Leaders build relationships with the students and walk alongside them, encouraging them to grow closer to Jesus. Student Ministries meets on Sunday Evenings.

This time around you actually get a chance to be cool in school…plus we have pretty sweet volunteer t-shirts and events! (We think helping students walk with God is a nice perk as well!)


adult ministries leaders, coaches, and care providers

Our Leaders create Christ-centered small groups that value discovery, discussion, and relationships where discipleship can occur. Our Coaches Connect, Care, and Invest in our Leaders so that the leaders are empowered to do the same for their group members. Our Care Providers build relationships and walk alongside others and help them to apply biblical truths in their lives.

This is a flexible, relational service role where you'll get to really invest in someone else and see how God is working in their lives.


Stop by What's Next on Sundays to begin a conversation about volunteering or complete the Find Your Next form.