set up and break down team 

This is a great fit for anyone who can fold/unfold things, roll/unroll things, stack/unstack things (see a trend here?). This is THE team that transforms the school to a church and back into a school.

You create ALL the Sunday morning environments where people encounter the gospel message. And those that serve in another area through out the morning also get free brunch each week! So…free food, exercise, and help people hear about Jesus…why wouldn’t you join this team?!?

worship service production team

This is a great fit for anyone comfortable with computers, and we can teach you our system of running the lights and sound equipment. It’s a lot easier than it looks!

You get to flash lights, cue sound effects, and be the behind-the-scenes team that creates the Sunday morning environment!  You also get to learn how to use tech equipment that you never be able to use anywhere else.


treasure island production team

Treasure Island is our environment for Elementary Aged Kids. This service opportunity is a great fit for anyone comfortable with computers! We can teach you our simple system of running stage lights and sound equipment. It’s a lot easier than it looks!

You create the "magic" of our Treasure Island stage experience that allows kids to experience God and worship Him.


student ministries production team

Student Ministries exists to reach Middle School (Tsunami) & High School (Ripple Effect) Students, and to help them walk with God by creating safe and engaging environments to explore their faith while connecting with caring adults. The Production Team creates this amazing environment through light and sound equipment. Our Student Ministries meets Sunday Evenings.

This time around you actually get a chance to be cool in school…plus we have pretty sweet volunteer t-shirts and events! (We think helping students walk with God is a nice perk as well!)


Stop by What's Next on Sundays to begin a conversation about volunteering or complete the Find Your Next form.