Our community will know God is FOR them by how well we SERVE them!

                                   Our community will know God is FOR them by how well we SERVE them!

Our mission is to reach people and help them walk with God – all people, from our local community to the ends of the earth. Missions is not a separate ministry or program at PC3 Leland; it’s the essence of who we are as believers in Jesus Christ.

As our relationship with God grows, we develop His love for people. A natural expression of that love is the desire to serve others, and an excitement about sharing the joy and hope we have in Jesus Christ to those who haven’t yet heard or don’t understand.


Jesus told His followers that we are to love God first and love our neighbors as ourselves. We believe that love is most naturally shown when we sacrificially serve our local community. We seek to partner with organizations that are helping the most pressing physical & spiritual needs in our community.


Jesus told His followers to “go” and make disciples of all nations. We are privileged to work alongside and support some great individuals & organizations that are living out that command. One way we support our partners is by taking short-term trips. These trips all have the goal of assisting and encouraging them as they strive to take the gospel of Jesus Christ to those who haven’t heard.

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