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Disruption. When many of us read this word, our mind instantly gravitates toward a negative picture. From our perspective, disruptions are on par with inconveniences, annoyances, and obstacles. No one goes looking for an interruption. We love predictability and being able to control our circumstances. But, what if settling for the routine is setting us up to miss out on a vibrant faith? What if the very thing our soul needs to grow and flourish is a shock to its system? Could pausing and allowing life to come to a screeching halt enable us to articulate how God is moving in our lives? We think so. 

If nothing changes, if no disruption occurs, we have the potential to lose sight of all that God has done over the past year, and where He is leading us in the future.Transformation doesn't happen without a disruption. Christ making His home in our heart serves as a disruption to the old way: old patterns of thinking, old patterns of responding, old ways of dealing with bad habits and difficult people. Newness requires adjustment and reflection. Old things don't go away easily. The new will disrupt the old. But, it's a beautiful disruption that brings life and freedom as we surrender the old in light of the new. 

What would it look like to have an intentional disruption by carving out space in our lives to hear God’s voice?  We will walk you through a personal spiritual retreat with Scripture, journal prompts and reflection questions.This is meant to serve as a guide to frame your time together with God. Our prayer is that this personal retreat will be a disruption that stirs your heart, energizes your soul, and focuses your eyes on Christ.