Leland Treasure Island Coordinator

Position: Part time hourly                 
Reports To: Leland Director of Children’s Ministries  

Purpose: This individual is responsible to coordinate and support the activities and functions of Treasure Island at the Leland campus. This person will be responsible to oversee the Sunday environment and partner with the other TI team members to carry out the mission of Treasure Island, which is to come alongside families as we teach elementary children the basic truths of who God is.


Position Specifications:

  • Must be a believer of Jesus Christ and an active participant of Port City Community Church Leland (a history of active participation is preferable).

  • Must demonstrate a value of and naturally participate in personal evangelism.

  • Must be passionate about children and families.

  • Must be a team-oriented person with the ability to design, implement and mature objectives of Treasure Island.

  • Must excel in ministry commitment, conduct and professionalism.

  • Must possess training and development skills.

  • Must be action and goal oriented.

  • Experience must include program development and execution. Must be able to assist in financial planning and management of the operations of Treasure Island.

  • Must be computer literate.

  • Excellent organization and diplomacy skills are essential.

  • Must be highly ethical and able to process sensitive information confidentially.

  • Must demonstrate an acceptable balance of confidence and humility, and must be willing to proactively address issues in accordance with scripture and in alignment with the Port City Community Church statement of faith.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

Volunteer Management: Will be responsible for developing volunteer leaders, managing volunteer schedule, and responsible for care and recruitment of volunteers.

  • Create and maintain a schedule of volunteers to serve on Sundays in Treasure Island in Leland. This volunteer team includes check-in volunteers, small group leaders, stage hosts and singers, production volunteers, and team leaders.

  • Communicate regularly with volunteers about TI schedule, upcoming dates, etc. (via monthly meetings, emails, FB posts, etc.)

  • Invest in volunteers: birthday cards, thank you notes, and big life-event celebration notes

  • Utilize the new volunteer process when new volunteers start serving in TI (includes initial conversations, processing application, first day material, follow up, expectations and updates, etc.)

  • Continue to pour into existing Team Leaders and develop new ones. Invest intentionally!

  • Serve and/or observe small groups sporadically to work alongside volunteers and see curriculum in action.

  • Be available to speak to volunteers and families about any concerns.

  • Coordinate training opportunities for volunteers

  • Coordinate volunteer appreciation throughout year


  • Enter all new data into mypc3 for Leland volunteers, including background checks.

  • Keep data current in mypc3-remove inactive volunteers, update information on existing volunteers and keep groups current.

  • Attend monthly All-Staff Meetings, All TI Meetings, and weekly LA meetings

  • Responsible for executing and adjusting TI Curriculum as needed.

  • Responsible for executing TI large group service, including but not limited to lighting, audio/video elements, games, scripts, etc.

  • Develop a yearly projected budget plan for all TI expenditures.

  • Assist with coordinating TI Baptisms.

  • Communicate with families regarding upcoming events such as Baptism, All Aboard, etc. as well as ongoing parent newsletter. Communication includes emails, FB posts, Rave Cards, etc.)

  • Responsible for social media of TI accounts (FB and IG), including sharing what we are learning, photos/videos of the Sunday environment, sharing resources, highlighting volunteers, etc.


  • Ensure that TI environment is fully stocked with supplies and materials for Sunday. This includes stocking weekly supplies, refreshing Small Group materials as needed, repair/replacement of furniture, décor, equipment, props, lighting, etc.

  • Responsible for leading TI Set Up and Tear Down volunteers each Sunday to ensure environment is put together consistently each week.

  • Be available to speak to parents about behavior, illness or any other concerns that arise on Sundays.

  • Keep fresh eyes for cleanliness, organization, and effectiveness of TI Sunday environment. Must be aware of mobile-campus limitations, wear and tear, safe transportation of items, etc.

General Work Schedule: 25 Hours / Week.

Hours to be determined by Direct Report (lunch excluded)